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Our Services

Our Services

CSL solutions’ experienced small business consultants understand the challenges that you are facing – Your Challenge. CSL Solutions is proud to offer a range of tailored services to small business owners supported by our core strengths.

We are vested in your success as small business owner and committed to understand your needs and goals. CSL Solutions has a proven track record of successfully, in close collaboration with our clients, solve small business problems. With our help, your business processes can be efficient and decisions pivot on a planned strategy in line with your business goals.

To succeed your business needs structure and measurement that will lead to predictability, proper time management and team alignment. You can trust CSL Solutions to assist you in achieving this. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Our Approch


Description of Services

  • Startup & Strategy
  • Business Heath Check
  • Improvement Projects
  • Websites & Business Apps

Startup & Strategy

Business Startup & Strategic Planning Services

What is your vision and what strategy will you follow? What is your business idea and is it feasible? Who is your target audience and what differentiates your products/services from the competition? What is your pricing strategy, projected income and at what point will you break even? How are you going to brand yourself? Do you have the talent you need to succeed now and in the future? What structure does your business needs? How will you cover your startup expenses? And more…..

Successful small businesses operate within a planned framework to ensure long term health or business viability. Whether you a new start up or existing small business, CSL Solutions will help you answer all these questions.

Amongst others, our services could include shareholders agreement; strategic business plan; SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats); organizational design and change management; business goal getting; feasibility study; and break-even analysis.

Contact CSL Solutions for a free consultation, click here, to see how we can help “moving your business forward”.

Business Heath Check

Business Heath Check Services (includes recommendations)

At CSL Solutions, we know how very busy you are as a small business owner and how easy it is not to notice that the health of your business is deteriorating. From time to time your business needs a health check-up to ensure it is in good shape.

Our small business analyst will start our partnership with you by carrying out a small business assessment. We do an objective and comprehensive analysis of your business to determine it health with respect to: strategy and goals; organization and employee morale; financial performance and cashflow; marketing and sales; and operations.

Prevention is better than cure! For an in-depth examination of your business’ health contact CSL Solutions for a free consultation - click here. Our small business analyst will make recommendations, help you to identify opportunities and risks before they become emergencies.

Improvement Projects

Client Specific Improvement Projects

By tapping on the expertise of CSL Solutions at the right time you can avoid costly mistakes and capitalize on new opportunities to grow. Here are some of project areas covered in the past that night be advantages for your business:

  • Management – Strategy assignments; restructuring and organizational change; management information and key indicators.
  • Operations – Business process re-engineering and workflow automation; operating policies and procedures; workplace standards and performance measurement; productivity improvement; line balancing; and layout/space planning
  • Finance – Chart of accounts revision (for meaningful management info); budgeting and cash flow; cost reduction; and financial performance matrices.
  • Human Resources – Manpower planning; task and duty lists; job descriptions; and incentive compensation.
  • Sales & Marketing – Job or product pricing; websites and ecommerce

If you have a business problem, or you do not have the time/skillset, CSL Solutions can help. Contact us for a free consultation – click here.

Websites & Business Apps

Custom Design Websites & Business Applications

Leverage information technology to connect to your customers, partners and suppliers more efficiently, improve collaboration, increase loyalty/goodwill and save costs. CSL Solutions has the business experience to determine what you small business needs. We are also known for our business analysis and responsive website/application development expertise to move your business forward.

We offer custom:

  • Business analysis and system specifications services,
  • Responsive informational and ecommerce websites, and
  • Business-to-Business application development, deployment and support.

We have the experience to truly design the right solution fit your company’s business needs. Click here for a free consultation. Click here for more information.