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Why Us

About CSL

CSL Solutions is a team of professionals led by Principal Consultant and owner Frederick Hefer. Frederick and his team have supported small businesses across a wide range of industries for over 15 years. We provide the following customizable services:

  • Business startup and strategic planning,
  • Small business health check services including recommendations,
  • Client specific business improvement projects, and
  • Custom designed websites and business-to-business applications.

We absolutely enjoy working with small business owners to create practical solutions that best meet their unique business challenges and needs. CSL Solutions have worked with many companies to:

  • Increase revenue, reduced costs, improve profitability and boost cash flow,
  • Improve customer service and strengthens customer relations,
  • Automate workflow and improve business efficiency, and
  • Enhance employee morale and productivity.

CSL Solutions works for you as a trusted and reputable small business consulting partner who cares about your business. We fosters long-term relationships and is proud to have satisfied clients mainly in North Carolina, Florida and Virginia. Contact us – Click here

Why CSL?

Good reasons to choose CSL Solutions as your small business partner.

  • Your Best Interest
    • Our sole focus is to add value to your small business. Simply, if it is not in your or your company’s best interest, we will not do it.

  • Personal Experience
    • You are more than a number and we assure you of individual attention and a tailored approach to your specific needs.

  • True Compassion
    • We love what we do and care about your small business. We take pleasure in helping our clients become successful.

  • Proven Outcomes
    • We are result-driven and our reputation is built on consistently producing quality results for our clients. Read our testimonials.

  • No Compromise on Quality
    • Our work quality reflects who we are and drives our reputation - therefore we do what we promised regardless of what it takes.

  • Honesty and Integrity
    • We do what we say; are open, fair and in all our interactions; and hold ourselves to high moral and ethical standards.

  • Competitive Pricing
    • We minimize our overhead expenses and strive to contain costs to give you more bang for your buck; never sacrificing quality.

  • Knowledgeable and Experienced
    • A valuable resource with a unique combination business management, industrial engineering and technology knowledge and skills.

  • Innovative and Resourceful
    • We have a reputation for being innovative in creating ideas/solutions to move your company forward.

  • Value-added Partnerships
    • We have loyal clients and build long-term relationships. We don’t just focus on landing the next deal.

Principal Consultant Frederick Hefer

Who He Is

Frederick Hefer is a result driven seasoned business executive, leader and strategist that dramatically improve business outcomes and goals achievement. With an entrepreneurial mindset, he started several companies from scratch and knows what it takes to make them succeed.

What He Does

Frederick areas of expertise include strategic planning; business startup; management consulting; business turnaround & restructuring; business modelling, business-process analysis and re-engineering; work measurement and resource optimization; performance measurement and productivity improvement; application development (online business-to-business Solutions); website and ecommerce development; facility planning; budgeting & financial performance; project management; and training & support. He enjoys tackling challenging problems and coming up with innovative ideas and solutions that works.

How He Does It

Frederick is committed to excellence, maintains the highest standards professionalism and conducts himself with integrity and goodwill. He is steadfast and tenacious; with dedication, determination and perseverance he sees through any project he started. He is known to be extraordinarily logical and his consultation is always thoroughly researched, thoughtfully applied to the specific problem, and sensitively delivered. He is mindful of the client’s organizational culture, respectful of confidences and loyal to his clients.

His Qualifications

Academically, Frederick is well qualified with a unique combination of experience in business engineering and information technology:

  • University degrees include a Masters in Business Administration, BaccaIaureus Honores in Engineering (Industrial) and BaccaIaureus in Engineering (Industrial).
  • University diplomas include a Diploma in Datametrics (Computer Science) and Diploma in Materials Handling.
  • He is life-long learner and completed many certifications in business and information. He also belonged to several professional organizations, societies and clubs.

    His Experience

    Frederick has more than 30 years of real-world experience and has consulted to/been employed by companies (profit, nonprofit, government and military) of various sizes including:

    • Small/medium business - information technology, internet, telecommunication, retail trade; consulting services, education, legal, pest control, landscaping, optical/eye glasses, interior design, human/health services; medical and real estate.
    • Major transport companies - rail transport (passenger and goods) and road transport (warehousing distribution and long haul).
    • Other - Mining, forestry/logging and large-scale manufacturing (chemical, plastics & food).

    Frederick has worn many hats that provided him valuable insights into the functioning of companies. Apart from being founder/ co-founder he has held several positions in consulting, industrial engineering, logistic operations management, information technology, and project management.

    His Work

    Frederick gets things done; here are some case studies/examples of his work:

  • Small Business Management Consulting Project - Cabin Creek Interiors
    • Cabin Creek Interiors - Interior design studio

      Cabin Creek Interiors provides interior design services; custom décor; upholstery services; wall & window treatments; and has decorated some of the finest Virginia homes. The purpose of the project was to increase profitability and rectify and notable business issues.

      Frederick Hefer performed the following tasks:

      • Business health check - performed a SWOT analysis; analyzed the finances, management structure, marketing and operations; and staff questionnaires and interviews.
      • Identified, documented and discussed problems and issues facing Cabin Creek and defining the key factors of success.
      • Developed solutions and made recommendation which included changing store hours; store manning schedule; responsibility chart and job descriptions; restructured chart of accounts; preparing a budget; developing a bonus scheme; develop and implement basic performance/ financial measures; design center layout; etc.

      Visit Cabin Creek Interiors website - click here (NOTE: Website NOT designed by CSL Solutions)

  • Responsive Website Development and eCommerce - Carytown Optical
    • Carytown Optical - Unique eyewear boutique for cool and stylish eyewear

      Carytown Optical Shoppe in Richmond (Carytown), Virginia sell luxury eyewear. Frederick Hefer had provide web strategy services to Carytown Optical since 2011 and has been instrumental in helping Carytown Optical to leverage the power of the Internet to substantially raised. See Cynthia telling the story below.

      He was instrumental in creating:

      • Professional responsive website for Carytown Optical - click here
      • Custom designed eCommerce eyewear website for nationa//international eyewear orders (Japan, Israel etc.) - click here
      • Informational website for onsite Board-Certified Optometrist Dr. Gates – click here

      All sites are designed by CSL Solutions – click here

      Cynthia Allen's Story

      I am the owner of Carytown Optical. My name is Cynthia Allen. I have been in the same location in Richmond Virginia for 25 years. Business throughout the years was a struggle and the ups and downs of the economy proved near devastating for my small business. After a fire in 2010 and a rebuild with new inventory I decided to go for it in terms of a new website.

      I spoke to many web designers and I looked at many, many websites and I decided to work with Fred Hefer with CSL solutions. If you take the time to look at my website you will see the uniqueness of the site, the meticulous design and the ease of navigating the site.

      As a true testament to Fred Hefer's work I can tell you, before my bookkeeper gave me the report of a 40% increase in year 2012, that I knew it was radically increasing because every single day someone walked and continues to walk in my door who would have otherwise never known about me or my little shoppe had it not been for my website. I also get calls everyday and they are often from those from other cities or states. I have sold eyeglasses to those in Staunton and Roanoke and Washington D.C, Williamsburg and more simply by their reading about me and meeting me via my website and I don't even have a shopping cart.

      I understand that Google reviews websites and will put those that are well designed up over those that are not and over those that are not kept fresh. Fred also maintains my website and makes sure it is found through the search engines. You may think you can't afford to pay for a website but I am here to tell you that it is an investment in your business that you can't afford not to do. A website designed and maintained by Fred Hefer will increase your business and what you invest in it will come back to you over and over and over again.

  • Transform Idea Into Business. Learning/Educational Application - CDR Resource Center
    • CDR Resource Center - Drug distribution and regulatory compliance

      Based on a client’s idea, Frederick Hefer developed a business model that included web-based training/testing, compliance consulting and store. CDR Resource Center based in Florida assist students in meeting the State of Florida wholesale drug regulatory compliance requirements.

      He architected, developed and implemented a fully automated learning and testing solution for that simulates the extremely difficult State of Florida Certified Designated Representative (CDR). Extensive course material and students can learn and take the tests progressively for each module at their own pace. Included was also a professionally designed, user-friendly and responsive website. Students can pay online for services and study material provided.

      Visit CDR Resource Center website designed by CSL Solutions - click here

  • eBusiness Solution Optimizing Supply Chain Efficiencies - Corporacíon Inlaca, C.A. Venezuela
    • Corporacíon Inlaca, C.A. - Produces, markets, and distributes dairy products and beverages

      Fundada en 1949, CORPORACIÓN INLACA, C.A, fabrica nutritivos productos lácteos y de frutas comercializándolos bajo nuestras marcas: Carabobo, Mi Vaca y Huesitos.

      Corporacíon Inlaca, C.A. offers its products all over Venezuela through a network of supermarkets and distributors.

      Frederick Hefer designed, managed development and deployed online ordering business application that automates manual/fax based processes that eliminated ordering errors. It connects the production facility with distributors/supermarkets and improved supply-chain and production/delivery efficiencies; improved resource utilization and decreased costs.

      Using the Master Production and Delivery Schedules, the solution created suggested orders for distributors on a daily basis based on past ordering history. The distributors modify the suggested orders as input to daily Inlaca’s production and delivery schedules. This eliminated a whole section of people handling faxes and order entry; thereby also eliminating countless interpretation and entering errors.

      Visit Inlaca website - click here (NOTE: Website NOT designed by CSL Solutions)

  • Website, Ecommerce and Business Application - TCS Group
    • TCS Group, Inc - Communication technology contractor

      TCS Group, Inc based in Coral Springs, Florida provides structured cabling, telecommunication and security services.

      Frederick Hefer was responsible for the conceptualizing, specification and development of:

      • Professional, user-friendly responsive website.
      • Business-to-Business ecommerce application with diverse functionality that allows TCS clients to place orders for specific products used on or suppled to installations; and TCS administrators to setup products, map them to client locations and manage orders.
      • Business-to-Business cable test result solution that allows TCS clients to access cable test results by location, job, drawing and cable outlet; and TCS administrators to load the data.

      Visit TCS Group, Inc website designed by CSL Solutions - click here

  • Business Start-Up and Operations Management - Falcon Distribution Services
    • Falcon Distribution Services - Customized nationwide distribution of packaged goods for major clothing retailers

      As Co-founder, Frederick Hefer started up the distribution company with a turnover of over $15m that was profitable within the first year of operation. The company had 65 employees; 5 strategically placed distributions centers throughout the country; delivering 45,000 parcels per month with 16 delivery vehicles. Each vehicle on average undertaking 18 9-hour trips per month; travelling 205 miles per trip; to deliver 155 boxes at 6 stops.

      He performed feasibility studies to justify the startup; prepared a business plan; developed distribution strategy; built business and pricing models; design facility layouts; prepared operating procedures; developed chart of accounts; prepared capital and operating budgets; negotiated client / vendor contracts; and determining and acquiring infrastructure, vehicles and manpower.

      Frederick had full profit and loss (P & L) responsibility for operations, accounting/administration and information technology. Under Frederick’s leadership the company reduced losses in the distribution of high-value textile merchandise from 10% (previous contractor) to nearly zero and achieved 98% on-time delivery.

  • Organizational Restructuring / Process Re-engineering / Workflow Automation - The Greater Richmond ARC
    • The Greater Richmond ARC - Human and healthcare services agency/nonprofit

      The Greater Richmond ARC in Virginia provides employment, day support, infant & child development, respite & summer camp and developmental services to more than 1,300 individuals with disabilities that creates life-fulfilling opportunities for them.

      Frederick Hefer restructured and automated the agency to markedly improving efficiency and quality of services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities; including:

      • Organizational change: Conducted detailed top-down analysis of work and life skills training programs and designed and implemented a new organizational structure.
      • Automation: Optimized work flows; prepared detailed system specifications for service delivery, and medical records; redesigned documentation; evaluated software options; managed software customization and implementation.
      • Performance management system: Designed and developed a unique outcome (service impact/quality) and productivity measurement model to support the agency’s strategy.

      Visit The Greater Richmond ARC website - click here (NOTE: Website NOT designed by CSL Solutions)

  • Business-Process Analysis / Workflow Automation / System Development & Deployment - Fonterra Co-operative Group
    • Fonterra Co-operative Group - New Zealand multinational dairy co-operative

      The revenue of Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited exceeds NZ$17.2 billion and the company exports 30% of the world's dairy products. Frederick Hefer carried out the project for New Zealand Milk (Caribbean) based in the USA (Now Fonterra Foodservices (USA) INC.) that distributes dairy products from New Zealand to wholesalers in the Caribbean.

      The project included a website and Business-to-Business Solution (B2B) to: be a marketing tool/create brand awareness; improve NZM(C) business process efficiencies and quality of decision-making; improve productivity and to save costs; improve supply chain transparency, client relationships and collaborative eCommerce.

      Frederick engineered a sophisticated supply chain optimization solution, leveraging Internet technologies to automate sales forecasts; balance containers; create suggested orders; place orders; schedule containers, ship containers; and manage inventory The complex container balancing algorisms is based on transit times, stock coverage ratios, container sizes, container loading factors, as well as scheduling, balancing and ordering rules.

      He performed the following tasks:

      • Elicited stakeholders; analyzed/documented operational system requirements; modelled solution using Excel (complex business rules); prepared technical design specifications.
      • Evaluated vendors for development; acted as liaison between NZM(C) staff and development teams to ensure desired functionality and resolve issues.
      • Worked with QA teams and performed user acceptance testing (UAT). Communicated bugs/enhancements to programmers; implemented solution and trained users.
      • Performed project management including managing timescales, costs, and technical quality.

      Visit the Fonterra Co-operative Group website - click here (NOTE: Website NOT designed by CSL Solutions)

CSL Solutions Testimonials

Do not take our word for it. Read the testimonials of CSL Solutions below: